Show #10

Here is side B of Nick’s tape for DC.

10. Measels Mumps Rubella; Algorithm of Desire – Fantastic Success CC-By-NC-SA

11. Chain & the Gang; Why Not – Live at WFMU on the Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T on April 14, 2012 CC-By-NC-ND
12. Deleted Scenes; Bedbedbedbed CC-By-NC-ND
13. The Meta-Matics; Police and Fleas CC-By-NC-SA
14. Bluebrain; The Pull – Record Store Day 7″ Single CC-By-NC-ND
15. Peanut Butter & Dave; Hearts – Peanut Butter CC-By-NC-SA
16. The Nighttime Adventure Society; Lover, etc. – Chapter One: The First Chapter CC-By-NC-SA
17. Pitchman; Modanna – Smoke and Mirrors CC-By-NC-SA

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Show #9

Young lady holding a pit bull in Washington DC - 1915

Nick’s mixtape dedicated to the city / state he loves.

Here is side A.

1. Peanut Butter & Dave; Mothers and Daughters – Peanut Butter CC-By-NC-SA
2. Measles Mumps Rubella; Fantastic Success – Fantastic Success CC-By-NC-SA
3. Wild Flag; Electric Band – Live on Terre T’s Cherry Blossom Clinic at WFMU, Oct 22nd 2011 CC-By-NC-ND
So I think only Mary Timony is from DC in Wild Flag, but surely she counts for more than half of the band on her own, right?
4. Smooch; Wonderful (Smootch Session) CC-By-NC-SA
5. Smooch; Vexation – WGNS session Feb. 20, 1993 CC-By-NC-SA
6. The Hall Monitors; Girls – Live at WFMU on Joe Belock’s Show on 5/20/2008 CC-By-NC-SA
7. Buildings; B – Buildings EP CC-By-NC-ND
8. Unrest; Cherry Cherry – Live at WFMU on Brian Turner’s Show, 7/20/10 CC-By-NC-ND
9. Hume; Inverse Fireworks – Inverse Fireworks CC-By-NC-ND

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Show #8

Side B of Nick Clark’s tape for Amy. Enjoy.

15. The Black Atlantic; Baiulus – Reverence for Fallen Trees CC-By-NC-SA
16. The Lucky Dragons; mercy – dark falcon CC-By-NC-SA
17. ezequiel ezequiel; Dear Permafrost – Winter Rise CC-By-NC-ND
18. The Dark Clan; Goals – Free Stuff CC-By-NC-ND
19. pornophonique; take me to the bonuslevel because i need an extralife – 8-bit lagerfeuer CC-By-NC-SA
20. Colin Clary; The Williamsburg of Washington DC – Phoning It In 05/03/05 CC-By-NC-SA
22. Bella Ruse; Heart of Everyone – Bella Ruse CC-By-NC-SA
23. Holy Coast; Grizzly Bear Sharktopus – Holy Coast CC-By-NC-SA
24. Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Grocery List 347 – NO NAME SMITH CC-By-NC-SA
25. The Taxpayers; Sudanese Lips – Exhilarating News CC-By-NC-SA
26. De Fuckups; Spongegirl – poli066 CC-By-NC-ND
27. The Larsens Lupins; Teenage Sorrows – HEAVEN IS WORSE CC-By-SA
28. Duchess of Saigon; Swan Lake – Easter Queen 7″ CC-By_NC-ND
29. Otherside Of The World; Just Friends – Otherside of the World CC-By-NC-SA
30. Evangelista; Truth Is Dark Like Outer Space – Live WFMU SXSW Showcase at Spiros in Austin TX on 3/14/2008 CC-By-NC-SA
31. Kristin Hersh; Morning Birds – Crooked Beginnings CC-By-NC-SA
32. Plushgoolash; Martin Walmsley – Chin25: Soup Tennis CC-By-NC-SA

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Show #7

Nick Clark presenting. This is Side A of a tape for Amy.

1. Let Me Crazy; Fragmentation – Contraflow CC-By-NC-SA
2. Cosmic Analog Ensemble; Simple Elegance – Navigations Nocturnes CC-By-NC-SA
3. Kurt Vile; Nicotine Blues – Live at WFMU on Talks Cheap 8/11/2008 CC-By-NC-SA
4 Let Me Crazy; Contraflow – Contraflow CC-By-NC-SA
5. Kinski; Rhode Island Freakout – Live at WFMU on Brian Turner’s Show on 4/22/2003 CC-By-NC-SA
6. Otherside Of The World; Liar – Other Side of the World CC-By-NC-SA
7. Hank; Getting Fucked Over By Your Friends – AckrillVenning 91 CC-By
8. Pteradon; Broadway – Viva CC-By-NC-SA
9. Crystal Stilts; Sycamore Tree – Live at WFMU CC-By-NC-SA
10. Al Duvall; Reconstruction – The Butler’s Revenge CC-By-NC-SA
11. Ergo Phizmiz; I Got Black Bottom – Phuj PhactoryPhuj Phactory: Choice Slabs of Phuj from Ergo Phizmiz on WFMU CC-By-NC-SA
12. 8 in 8; I’llBeMyMirror – Nighty Night CC-By-NC
13. Plug & Play; Lost a friend – Whoreship CC-By-SA
14. bidibop; grey paints – be CC-By-NC-ND

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Show #6

Nick Clark presenting: This is side B of my mixtape for Mark Hansen, aka Johnny Handsome: pay special attention to Messy Hair, Mark.

11. Big Blood; The WInds House – Already Gone I – CC-By-NC-SA
12. Achtung Hans; Messy Hair (re-edit) – love&hans (ep) – CC-By-NC-SA
13. pornophonique; sad robot – 8-bit lagerfeuer – CC-By-NC-SA
14. Juanitos; Soul Africa – CC-By-SA
15. 8in8; OneTinyThing – Nighty Night – (All for one, mofo.) CC-By-NC
16. Lame Drivers; We Don’t Make Mistakes – Crusin_Classics_2003-2010 – CC-By-NC-SA
17. Here Comes A Big Black Cloud; Graverobbin – Pompeii – CC-By-NC-SA
18. Crystal Stilts; The Dazzled – Live at WFMU – CC-By-NC-SA
19. Otherside Of The World; Change Now – Other Side of the World – CC-By-NC-SA

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Show #5

Nick Clark presenting.

This is my third virtual mixtape. This one is for my dear friend, former bandmate, and new dad (a new dad, not my new dad) Mark Hansen in celebration of his birthday and new-dadness.

1. Lame Drivers; Demonzblood – Crusin Classics 2003-2010 – CC-By-NC-SA
2. Professor Kliq; Trip Home – The Scientific Method, Volume II, Experiments in Sound Perspective – CC-By-NC-SA
3. Eddie Morton; You Ain’t Talking to Me – Public Domain (Note that I have not traced the public domain status of this recording, and my use of it here in no way constitutes legal advice regarding the copyright status of this recording)
4. Lame Drivers; Working Song – Crusin Classics 2003-2010 – CC-By-NC-SA
5. Old Souls (Whitfield edit); Coolzey – CC-By-NC-SA (Recorded, mixed and mastered in Iowa City!)
6. The Years; in THE crowd – vostros presents The Years – CC-By-NC-SA
7. 8in8 (Ben Folds, Neil Gaiman, Damian Kulash, and Amanda Palmer); The Problem With Saints – Nighty Night – (It’s on Amanda Palmer’s site, but it’s IMPORTANT to credit ALL four members!) CC-By-NC
8. Contraflow; I’m Stayin’ – Let Me Crazy – CC-By-NC-SA
9. Al Duvall; Where The Comet Falls – Recluses Unite – CC-By-NC-SA
10. The Woolen Men; Donkey Island – The Portland Building EP – CC-By-NC-SA

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Show #4

Nick Clark presenting.

This is side B of my second virtual mixtape.

1: SINGLETON; Get Out Of My Mind – The High Seas – CC-By-NC-SA
2: The Black Atlantic; Fragile Meadow – Reverence for Fallen Trees – CC-By-NC-SA
3: Menhirs of Er Grah; Red Roses – Different World – CC-By-NC-SA
4: Anne’s Cordial; Sweeter Each Year (Natalie Markward) – Anne’s Cordial Live at the Nave – CC-By-NC-SA
5: The Freak Fandango Orchestra; Monkey Said – Love, death and a drunken monkey – CC-By-SA
6: Let Me Crazy; The Swamp Stomp – Contraflow – CC-By-NC-SA
7: Pteradon; Taking Time Takes Time – ¡Viva! – CC-By-NC-SA
8: Joe Meek; Untitled (over backing The Big Beat Drum) – Joe Meek Demos – Public Domain
9: The Rope River Blues Band; Capulet – SmashBoXXX CC-By-NC-SA

Credit to actual podcasts: I probably first heard about these bands – directly or indirectly – through one of the following: Rathole Radio; Music Manumit; Grey Area; CC Hits.

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