Show #4

Nick Clark presenting.

This is side B of my second virtual mixtape.

1: SINGLETON; Get Out Of My Mind – The High Seas – CC-By-NC-SA
2: The Black Atlantic; Fragile Meadow – Reverence for Fallen Trees – CC-By-NC-SA
3: Menhirs of Er Grah; Red Roses – Different World – CC-By-NC-SA
4: Anne’s Cordial; Sweeter Each Year (Natalie Markward) – Anne’s Cordial Live at the Nave – CC-By-NC-SA
5: The Freak Fandango Orchestra; Monkey Said – Love, death and a drunken monkey – CC-By-SA
6: Let Me Crazy; The Swamp Stomp – Contraflow – CC-By-NC-SA
7: Pteradon; Taking Time Takes Time – ¡Viva! – CC-By-NC-SA
8: Joe Meek; Untitled (over backing The Big Beat Drum) – Joe Meek Demos – Public Domain
9: The Rope River Blues Band; Capulet – SmashBoXXX CC-By-NC-SA

Credit to actual podcasts: I probably first heard about these bands – directly or indirectly – through one of the following: Rathole Radio; Music Manumit; Grey Area; CC Hits.

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