Show #5

Nick Clark presenting.

This is my third virtual mixtape. This one is for my dear friend, former bandmate, and new dad (a new dad, not my new dad) Mark Hansen in celebration of his birthday and new-dadness.

1. Lame Drivers; Demonzblood – Crusin Classics 2003-2010 – CC-By-NC-SA
2. Professor Kliq; Trip Home – The Scientific Method, Volume II, Experiments in Sound Perspective – CC-By-NC-SA
3. Eddie Morton; You Ain’t Talking to Me – Public Domain (Note that I have not traced the public domain status of this recording, and my use of it here in no way constitutes legal advice regarding the copyright status of this recording)
4. Lame Drivers; Working Song – Crusin Classics 2003-2010 – CC-By-NC-SA
5. Old Souls (Whitfield edit); Coolzey – CC-By-NC-SA (Recorded, mixed and mastered in Iowa City!)
6. The Years; in THE crowd – vostros presents The Years – CC-By-NC-SA
7. 8in8 (Ben Folds, Neil Gaiman, Damian Kulash, and Amanda Palmer); The Problem With Saints – Nighty Night – (It’s on Amanda Palmer’s site, but it’s IMPORTANT to credit ALL four members!) CC-By-NC
8. Contraflow; I’m Stayin’ – Let Me Crazy – CC-By-NC-SA
9. Al Duvall; Where The Comet Falls – Recluses Unite – CC-By-NC-SA
10. The Woolen Men; Donkey Island – The Portland Building EP – CC-By-NC-SA

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