Show #6

Nick Clark presenting: This is side B of my mixtape for Mark Hansen, aka Johnny Handsome: pay special attention to Messy Hair, Mark.

11. Big Blood; The WInds House – Already Gone I – CC-By-NC-SA
12. Achtung Hans; Messy Hair (re-edit) – love&hans (ep) – CC-By-NC-SA
13. pornophonique; sad robot – 8-bit lagerfeuer – CC-By-NC-SA
14. Juanitos; Soul Africa – CC-By-SA
15. 8in8; OneTinyThing – Nighty Night – (All for one, mofo.) CC-By-NC
16. Lame Drivers; We Don’t Make Mistakes – Crusin_Classics_2003-2010 – CC-By-NC-SA
17. Here Comes A Big Black Cloud; Graverobbin – Pompeii – CC-By-NC-SA
18. Crystal Stilts; The Dazzled – Live at WFMU – CC-By-NC-SA
19. Otherside Of The World; Change Now – Other Side of the World – CC-By-NC-SA

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