Show #7

Nick Clark presenting. This is Side A of a tape for Amy.

1. Let Me Crazy; Fragmentation – Contraflow CC-By-NC-SA
2. Cosmic Analog Ensemble; Simple Elegance – Navigations Nocturnes CC-By-NC-SA
3. Kurt Vile; Nicotine Blues – Live at WFMU on Talks Cheap 8/11/2008 CC-By-NC-SA
4 Let Me Crazy; Contraflow – Contraflow CC-By-NC-SA
5. Kinski; Rhode Island Freakout – Live at WFMU on Brian Turner’s Show on 4/22/2003 CC-By-NC-SA
6. Otherside Of The World; Liar – Other Side of the World CC-By-NC-SA
7. Hank; Getting Fucked Over By Your Friends – AckrillVenning 91 CC-By
8. Pteradon; Broadway – Viva CC-By-NC-SA
9. Crystal Stilts; Sycamore Tree – Live at WFMU CC-By-NC-SA
10. Al Duvall; Reconstruction – The Butler’s Revenge CC-By-NC-SA
11. Ergo Phizmiz; I Got Black Bottom – Phuj PhactoryPhuj Phactory: Choice Slabs of Phuj from Ergo Phizmiz on WFMU CC-By-NC-SA
12. 8 in 8; I’llBeMyMirror – Nighty Night CC-By-NC
13. Plug & Play; Lost a friend – Whoreship CC-By-SA
14. bidibop; grey paints – be CC-By-NC-ND

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2 Responses to Show #7

  1. Amy says:

    I am Amy. And I approve this message.

  2. Vincent says:

    I am bidibop. And I approve this message too!
    Thank you for playing some bidibop.

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