Show #8

Side B of Nick Clark’s tape for Amy. Enjoy.

15. The Black Atlantic; Baiulus – Reverence for Fallen Trees CC-By-NC-SA
16. The Lucky Dragons; mercy – dark falcon CC-By-NC-SA
17. ezequiel ezequiel; Dear Permafrost – Winter Rise CC-By-NC-ND
18. The Dark Clan; Goals – Free Stuff CC-By-NC-ND
19. pornophonique; take me to the bonuslevel because i need an extralife – 8-bit lagerfeuer CC-By-NC-SA
20. Colin Clary; The Williamsburg of Washington DC – Phoning It In 05/03/05 CC-By-NC-SA
22. Bella Ruse; Heart of Everyone – Bella Ruse CC-By-NC-SA
23. Holy Coast; Grizzly Bear Sharktopus – Holy Coast CC-By-NC-SA
24. Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Grocery List 347 – NO NAME SMITH CC-By-NC-SA
25. The Taxpayers; Sudanese Lips – Exhilarating News CC-By-NC-SA
26. De Fuckups; Spongegirl – poli066 CC-By-NC-ND
27. The Larsens Lupins; Teenage Sorrows – HEAVEN IS WORSE CC-By-SA
28. Duchess of Saigon; Swan Lake – Easter Queen 7″ CC-By_NC-ND
29. Otherside Of The World; Just Friends – Otherside of the World CC-By-NC-SA
30. Evangelista; Truth Is Dark Like Outer Space – Live WFMU SXSW Showcase at Spiros in Austin TX on 3/14/2008 CC-By-NC-SA
31. Kristin Hersh; Morning Birds – Crooked Beginnings CC-By-NC-SA
32. Plushgoolash; Martin Walmsley – Chin25: Soup Tennis CC-By-NC-SA

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