Contribute an Episode

It’s easy! Well, it’s not all that hard, and I’m happy to help if you like. If you’re interested, you’ll need to have a account; leave a comment below and I’ll get things up and going for you.

Just remember: Everything must be properly licensed or in the public domain. If I have any reason to believe you don’t have a license that allows you to publish a song here (either Creative Commons / similar or permission from the copyright holder), I’ll remove your episode and kick you off.

1. Find some songs that are public domain, creative commons / simiar, or that you’ve cleared.  Figure out what order you want them in.  Places to look for good public domain and creative commons music include;;;;;

2. Make your “tape” by sticking the songs together the way you want them in a single file. (Ogg? Mp3? Both?)  Audacity is a good, free program that will let you do this (and a lot more, but sticking them together is probably all you really need to do – anyone know a simpler tool to stick tracks together?).

2. Upload your file somewhere – I use the “public” folder of a account. Also, there’s Soundcloud, which should be pretty easy; use the link on the right.

3. Make a post on this site where you appropriately attribute all the songs. In that post, include the audio shortcode like this (only with the URL of your file):

Too hard? Let me know and I’ll help.


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